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ONE PAGE - Advantages of Single Page Website - Things To Know Before You Go

ONE PAGE - Advantages of Single Page Website - Things To Know Before You Go | Website Pages Advice |


Peg Corwin's insight:


"The Advantage and Benefits of a Single Page Website

  • Information on a click & easy navigation
  • Easier website maintenance
  • Better user experience
  • Easier to organize content
  • Less expensive & less bandwidth usage
  • Allows you to concentrate on good quality.
  • Better Search Engine Optimization"

My Response:

For events or single products, maybe.  

  • You don't need much navagation if you have a single event or product. so maybe I would agree here.
  • Of course it is easier to maintain one page than several.  
  • I would not agree that a single page is necessarily a better user experience.  It depends on the design.
  • Instead of easier to organize content, I would say less options to organize content.
  • Agree, cheaper and less band width
  • Maybe you would pour all your work in a single page, but in that case you had better have something simple to promote.
  • How can you possibly have better SEO when with multiple pages you can target multiple keyword phrases?

What do you think of single page, infinite scroll sites?

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