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BEST PRACTICES - 10 Deadly Reasons Most Websites Fail [SlideShare]

BEST PRACTICES - 10 Deadly Reasons Most Websites Fail [SlideShare] | Website Pages Advice |
Learn the common killers of websites, and how to make sure yours is effective and user-friendly.
Peg Corwin's insight:

Reasons Website Fail, paraphrased:

- Lack of personalization
- Ignoring mobile
- Bad use of animation
- Speaking in jargon and cliches, not human language
- Being clever, not clear
- Content about the business, not useful to customers
- Lack of calls to action
- Annoying with popups, ads, etc
- Trying to do everything at once

Click to see the slideshare, learn details and what to avoid.

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Athena Catedral's curator insight, September 12, 2013 9:45 PM

Good reasons with real live samples of winners & losers

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